In 1964, the original company here at Neo started building 5th wheel hitches and 5th wheel campers for the recreational camper market. The hitch was named the Classic hitch, and the trailers were named Owens. Both products were invented at our facility and continued into the early 70’s. Soon after, we left the camper manufacturing to the experts and just supplied the frames and hitches.

During the mid 70’s, as the Owens trailer and Classic hitch were marketed together, the company soon became known as Owens Classic. We made open and enclosed trailers of all types up until 1987 when we sold the 5th wheel hitch business to MASCO. Wade and I purchased the trailer business from my father in 1988 and renamed it Classic Mfg, Inc. During the next 16 years we specialized in open and enclosed car trailers, motorcycle trailers and cargo trailers until we sold our business to an Equity firm in 2004.

We made a huge mistake! The equity company ruined our quality, tarnished the name and ran the business into the ground. In November 2009, the company closed it’s doors leaving 25 people un-employed. The one good thing that came out of it was we didn’t sell the buildings or property. Unfortunately it took us 3 months to evict that company from our building here at 21900 US 12.

On February 1st of 2010, Wade and I obtained our empty buildings back and started producing a quality trailer under our new company name NEO. Steve joined Wade and I in the same month and became part of the ownership team. We are excited to be in business again and hope you enjoy your new trailer as much as we did making it. Our goal is to manufacture products that you are proud to own, with quality you can see, without someone else “selling” you on it. Take a look at our aluminum trailer and see for yourself before buying anything else.

Compared to Steel framed trailers, Neo aluminum trailers are easier to tow, will better hold their value, and will save you in fuel economy and wear and tear on your tow vehicle over the long run. Why do we only make V-Nosed trailers? Over the years, we have proof that they provide 20% better fuel economy than a flat front trailer!

~ Brad Baker 1.14.1960-11.14.2015

Who are we now?

We are the leading manufacturer of all aluminum trailers Our specialty and passion lies within what we call the "Sport Trailer". We have defined the sport trailer as the trailer that you use when you are going to have fun with the family whether it be at the track, dunes or trails. We cannot be everything to everybody all of the time but we can be the very best at what we choose when done wisely and we have chosen the "Sport Trailer".

Our size, strength, and market share have increased beyond our expectations and we are very grateful for the growth and stability that our dealers and customers have provided.

~ Your Neo Team